Business Plan Template

A business plan is a ‘Plan for your Business’. It is not a document that you make for the investors. It is a document that you should prepare for yourself. Writing down your business plan helps you think through the assumptions clearly, and often writing helps you identify impracticalities in the through process.

Yes, for investor presentations too, a business plan is necessary.

To view a template of 
a business plan, click here.


  1. This free fill-in-the-blanks business plan template follows the format that is preferred by the SBA and lenders and ... its jst a comment Guys u doin a great job. Angel Investors

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  4. I think that a business plan should encompass all that you want to accomplish for your business with different time frames. You shouldn't have just one plan, but multiple ones spread out over time. It would also be a good idea to have someone who knows what they are doing to help you out. I would assume that people have a general idea of what they are doing when it comes to business plans.

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